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Meet The Team

Our awesome dogs!

Denali's Peak Bird Dog

Denali  has a TON of drive. Hunts very hard and does not give up.

champions within the pedigree
-6X CH/2X RU CH/GNG CH Still Meadows Jim
-5X CH Pennstar
-CH Diamonds Tricky Dick
-8X CH Hamiltons Blue Diamond
-CH Tricky Dick Mike
-2X CH/2X RU CH Hytest Skyhawk
-3X CH/RU CH Shady Hills Billy
-RU CH Super Ghost
-2X CH/RU CH Northern Anndee
​-2X CH/3X RU CH Long Gone George

FDSB English Setter

Owner/Handler: Amanda Ray Gross​

Bird Crazy Maverick

Maverick is VERY athletic, can run for hours and not get tired.

champions within the pedigree
-Double bred  2X CH/2X RU CH Long Gone Nixon
-Double bred 5X CH National Champion Grouse Ridge Reory
-Double bred 8X CH/4X RU CH Long Gone Agnes

FDSB English Setter

Owner/Handler: John M Boggs IV

Copper Bird Dog Outdoors

Copper is our younger stud dog. Was fully trained by 7 months old. Natural.

champions within the pedigree
-CH Private Ryan
-CH Barbaro
-CH Brannigan
-CH Ragged Hill Nip
-CH Smoke Screen
--Double bred 7X CH GRID IRON

FDSB English Setter

Owner/Handler: Raymond S Gross JR
Arctic Tundra Bird Dog​​​​
         Tundra is a very big boned and very smart. Natural retriever.

champions within the pedigree
          -5X CH Tekoa Mountain Patriot
          -CH - R/U Cresent City Dexter
          -11X CH HOF Tekoa Mountain Sunrise
          -2X Ch - 5X R/U Barkers Blue Jett
          -Double bred 2X CH - 2X R/U Hytest Skyhawk
          -Double bred CH Pinekone Max
          -Double bred CH Pinekone Max JR

FDSB English Setter

​Owner/Handler: Amanda Ray Gross
Pistol Annie Bird Dog
        ​Annie is a spit fire! Not afraid of anything, bird crazy. Fully trained at 6 months old. Hoping to run her in some retriever trials soon.

​champions within the pedigree
​        -SHR High Flying Maverick of Red Cedars
​        -FC AFC Jazztime Last Chance V Pekisko
        -FC AFC Jazztime's Frequent Flyer
        -FC AFC Crow Rivers Malarky's Cougar
        -Calumet's Wild Card MH
        -FC AFC Calumet's Super Sonic
​        -High Sierra Kodiac MH

​Owner/Handler: Raymond S Gross JR
Kodiak Island Bird Dog
          "Kodi" has a ton of drive. She never stops moving. Bird crazy and ENERGIZED. Hoping to run Kodi in field trials next year.

champions within the pedigree
          -2X National CH Shadow Oak Bo
          -CH Shak Ti
          -CH A Tarheel Sunrise
          -CH Ravenwood Riley
          -CH Smoke Rise Buck
          -2X CH Grouse Feather Mark
          -2X CH High Mark
          -8X CH Hamiltons Blue Diamond
          -CH Pinekone Max 
​          -CH Pinekone Max JR
        FDSB English Setter

Owner/Handler: Amanda Ray Gross
North Shore Marina Bird Dog
​​        Marina is a sweetheart and full of wanting to please. LOTS of greats in her hertitage.

champions within the pedigree
         -NFC AFC Abe's Ebony And Ivory
         -FC Pipers Top Gunner
         -FC AFC Black Gold's Kates Rascal 
         -FC AFC Calumet's Super Sonic
         -FC AFC Maple Creek's Maggie May
         -Blindfaith's Renegade MH
         -NAFC FC AFC Candlewoods Ramblin Man
         -FC AFC Cornerstone Wizard of Oz
         -FC AFC Chena River No Surprise
         -FC AFC Sky Watch Radar
         -FC AFC Trumarcs Candlewood Lota Zip
         -Flinkers Ho Lot A Rosie MH
         -FC AFC Riparian Roughrider
         -HPK Shoot's Baxter Bing JH
         -Dan's Circle C's Bear JH
         -Campbell's Ebony No Ivory MH
         -Maple Creek's Captain Morgan MH
         -Blindfaiths Ruffian MH
         -Twinmaples Ace of Spades MH
         -NFC FC AFC Maxx's Surprise
         -Candlewood Zips Classical Jazz MH
         -Gary's Hair-Trigger Colt JH
         -Moccasin Creek's Captain Sinbad MH
         -Hilltops Rogue River Mindi MH
         -Blind Faiths Burt Becker Magnum MH
         -Double Bred FC AFC Hilltop's Hayseed
         -Double Bred NAFC FC AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac

        AKC Labrador Retriever

Owner/Handler: Amanda Ray Gross