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Training your Bird Dog!

We offer expert training to get your bird dog ready for the up coming bird seasons!
We also offer competitive rates to others in our area.
We can teach your bird dog :
  • to be comfortable around guns
  • stop and point the bird, instead of jumping it
            -common problem throughout pointing breeds
  • find and retrieve birds after being shot

Price of training depends on the age of the dog, what they already know, and how long they need to be in the program for.

Typically anywhere between $400-$1500 

We offer 4 week, 6 week and 8 week programs.

Commonly Asked Training Questions ​​

What age should I get my dog trained?

The age of which training can occur usually depends on the dog. Normally, we say that the earlier the better. We have had dogs fully trained by 7 months old, but have also trained dogs that range all the way up to 7 years old.

Do you use a shock collar on my dog while training?

No, we do not use shock collars on the dogs that we are training unless we are specifically asked to. We use long training ropes. 
We do personally use them on our own dogs because it gives us more control. We have lost a few dogs to them running into the road and not listening on hunts (which could have been avoided with a collar). And most collars these days not only have low settings but also come with "beepers" that gives off a beeping sound to get your dogs attention or can vibrate instead of shock.

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